What I do

Willkommen. I am a German-American journalist, educator and innovative storyteller with 25+ years of experience in international media and higher education. My work is positioned at the intersections of science, technology, health, migration, education, culture and trauma. I engage diverse communities on these subjects through storytelling, talks, events, consulting and leadership. My current projects include developing new ways to tell complex stories in global health (@harvardGH); journalism start-up support (e.g. @RiffReporter); trauma & resilience workshops for journalists (e.g @RJI); stewardship (e.g.  Trust For Traumajournalism); critical incident analysis (e.g. with the Academy for Critical Incident Analysis @JohnJayCollege); media literacy for survivors, their advocates, and law enforcement (e.g. @NAMI, Boston Resiliency Center); and innovation in STEM-education (e.g. @aceraschool, @OneBraveIdea).