Willkommen. I am an international journalist, strategist and innovator with 30+ years of experience in global media and higher education, and an Associate Professor of the Practice in Health Services, Policy and Practice, and Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Brown University School of Public Health. Recent projects include:

  • I am a Design and Research Partner in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Equity-First Vaccination Initiative and lead the secretariat for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Equity Advisory Council.
  • I am on the leadership teams of the State and Territory Alliance for Testing, the Justice, Health and Democracy Impact Initiative, and Brown SPH’s Long Covid Initiative.
  • I am the editor of Global Epidemics
  • I created the Covid Testing Communications Toolkit
  • and co-created the Preprint Sifter
  • I lead key media partnerships to translate Covid-19 evidence into practical information for decision-makers and the public.
  • I serve as an expert advisor to the Pew Research Center, an expert contributor to the Covid Collaborative, and a trustee to the Trust for Trauma Journalism.
  • I research the information needs of marginalized communities and misinformation-informed health communications, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, Pink Cornrows, Public Good Projects,  First Draft News and other partners
  • I run trauma workshops for journalists (e.g. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Report for America, JAWS, NABJ/NAHJ)
  • I provide Journalism start-up support (e.g. @RiffReporter)
  • I’ve worked for over a decade with a group of folks studying Critical Incidents (e.g. with the Academy for Critical Incident Analysis @JohnJayCollege)
  • I support survivors, their advocates, and law enforcement with media engagement and literacy needs (e.g. @NAMI, @Boston Resiliency Center)
  • I provide stewardship (e.g. @TrustForTraumaJournalism)

Since I wrote my first article in 1986 as a high school student for my local newspaper in Germany (Ruhr Nachrichten), I have worked as a reporter, photographer, feature writer, editor and newsroom leader on three continents. My work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Time magazine, Nieman Reports, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Folio/Neue Zuercher Zeitung, B.Z., Hamburger Abendblatt and many other publications in Europe and the U.S.

At Brown University, I am researching the relationships between information needs, misinformation and health, serve as a key strategic advisor on thought leadership and innovation to Dean Ashish K. Jha, and oversee the Dean’s ongoing special projects and pandemics portfolio, including research collaborations, modeling and data projects, congressional efforts, and crisis communications. 

I had previously worked with Dean Jha at the Harvard Global Health Institute, where I was director of content and strategy and got to work with an outstanding team of faculty, postdocs, program managers and young researchers on programs, symposia, strategies, and initiatives to advance research, policy and storytelling in Global Health. Projects included dashinafrica.org, driversofhealth.org, and choicesinhealth.org.

From 2006 to 2014, I ran a variety of programs at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, including


I have spent a transformative year at Harvard as a 2001 Nieman fellow, studying among other things molecular biology, philosophy of science and how the Internet is changing our species, from social behaviour on- and offline to children’s ideas about the world (the latter with the great Sherry Turkle.)

I live in Medford, Mass. with my husband and two children (14 and 17).

You can contact me at scf@stefaniefriedhoff.com or via twitter @stefanie2000

The best Nieman class ever: Harvard graduation with some of my 2001 fellows

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